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Our normal Sunday worship begins at 11am, with the children initially present in church.

The exception to this is each November on Remembrance Sunday when our service begins at 11.15am in order to allow a Service of Remembrance to be held at the village war memorial gates. This begins at 10.50am at the gates to the old High Church.

Traditional communion services are held twice a year, June & October, at 11am. A short communion service is held in June in the afternoon for the frail elderly and a family communion service is held in October in the early evening. From time to time the sacrament is also held after morning worship, and follows a less formal pattern. 

As God has made us all different, we all have our own preferences about how worship should be conducted (types of hymns etc.) and so we try to incorporate a variety of styles of worship throughout the year.

We are fortunate to have 2 organists, Aileen Kelly and Sheila Jones, who, along with other musicians who play on occasions, lead our praise on a rota basis. The words of the hymns are shown on the screen, but books are available, if you prefer.

There are 4 duty teams who rotate on a monthly basis and who will welcome you to church and provide you with an order of service which contains any intimations and a prayer list for the week. Tea & coffee are served in the hall at the end of the service every week.

A small group meet in the lounge at 10.30am till 10.50am each Sunday before worship, to pray. Everyone welcome.

If you, or someone you know, needs a lift to church please phone the church that morning between 10.30am & 10.45am 01360-310939

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Our younger members meet in the Session Room, at the back of the church, at 10.50am before coming through to join the rest of the congregation for the beginning of worship.

They have their own address, prayer and hymn and also participate in ‘News Time,’ before going to their own teaching time. As the children leave the church the congregation sing ‘May God’s Blessings Surround You Each Day,’ [MP 460] as our prayer for them.

Because we feel that our children are part of our church today, on occasions, they help with welcoming, reading scripture, prayers and uplifting the offering.

A crèche is available for the under 5’s. Sunday School Classes are available for 5 to 12 year olds and there is a Bible Class for teenagers. For further information please speak to  Liz Mackintosh.


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If you wish to discuss, or find out more about, any of these matters,
please speak to George Kelly who will be happy to help you.

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