Contacts Page

Due to 'Data Protection' regulations, we are unable to provide telephone numbers or email addresses of individuals on the website.

To contact any of the people below, please leave a message for them on the Church telephone number:- 01360 310939

or send an email for their attention to:-

Function Name
Minister Rev. Jane Denniston
Session Clerk George Kelly/Lynzi Stirling
Bible Class & SS Liz Mackintosh
Boys Brigade Iain Stirling
Brownies [1st Campsie] Barbara Hanning
Brownies [2nd Campsie] Not currently meeting
Health & Hygene Rena Garvie
Church Boxes Marion Raeburn
Church Cleaner Anthea Hardy
Church Officer Stephen McBride
Crèche Anthea Hardy
Events Convenor Vacant
Flower Convenor Catrina Cameron
Girl Guides  
Health & Safety Officer Andy Dickson
Newsletter Melanie Henderson
Organists Sheila Jones
Aileen Kelly
Pastoral Care Convenor Margaret Tindall
Prayer Convenor Joan Thomson
Property Coordinator Robert Stirling
Rainbow Café Rena Garvie
Rainbows Fiona Quinn
Safe-guarding Officer Margaret Tindall
The Guild Margaret Tindall
Treasurer Sue Mitchell
Web Site Robert Neilson


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