Meanwhile these three remain:
Faith, hope and love
And the greatest of these is love

Weddings are exciting, and stressful, times for everyone who is closely involved and so this information sheet seeks to help you with the details, which are involved in being married in Church. It is helpful, to begin with, if you have thought through why you wish to be married in Church, or another venue, by a Minister as opposed to a Registrar. If you have any questions or matters you wish to discuss, do not hesitate to contact Andrew. We would be delighted if you felt able to attend Sunday worship [11am].



* You must consult the Minister before you set the wedding date - the church may not be available on your chosen date.

* At least six weeks before the wedding you must notify the Registrar of your intention to marry. A marriage schedule will be prepared which the minister must have in her possession on the day of the wedding. The service cannot take place without the Marriage Schedule. 

The Registry Office serving Lennoxtown is in Kirkintilloch - 0141-776-2109



I suggest that you arrange a rehearsal for a few days before the big day as this helps calm nerves. Please arrange a date and bring the following with you to the rehearsal.



You may wish to decorate the church with flowers. Either you or your florist should contact the Church Officer:
Stephen McBride 079002155733



Church Officer £50. Organist £50.
Hire of the church - non-members £150; Members, no charge.
There is no fee for the services of the minister. Fees should be paid at the rehearsal. Cheques should be made payable to Campsie Parish Church.



Jane is happy for the official photographer to take photos during the service but asks that guests refrain from doing so as this becomes distracting. Please ask your official photographer / video operator to make him/herself known to the minister on arrival.



* The Ushers [usually 2] at least 30 minutes before the service. They should bring orders of service, if they are not already at the church.

* The Bridegroom & Best Man 20 minutes before the service with the rings!

* The Bride should arrive in time to allow for photographs and come down the aisle punctually as there may be another wedding the same day.



A suggested list of hymns is at the bottom of this webpage. Please feel free to discuss these & other musical items with the organist.

Mrs Sheila Jones 01360 311456 or

Mrs Aileen Kelly 01360-311739



1 [Repeat each line after minister]

In the presence of God and before these witnesses,

I, …………………………., give myself to you, ………………………….,

to be your husband /wife and take you now to be my wife/husband.

I promise to love you, to be faithful and loyal to for as long as we live.


2 [Say ‘I do’ after minister asks you the vows]

Before God and in the presence of your families and friends do you ………………………., declare your love for ……………………………… and give yourself to her/him as her/his husband /wife?

Do you promise her/him your love and your loyalty and trust for as long as you both shall live?

If you would like to compose your own vows, speak to the Minister.

The minister will plan your wedding service with you so that it will be a service which you will, hopefully, both enjoy and find meaningful to you. If you wish any family or friends to take part in the service by reading, singing etc please discuss this with the Minister.

Enjoy your special day and the preparation for it.


Some Hymn suggestions for Weddings

This Information is also available as a PDF

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