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Path of Renewal

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Path of Renewal

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CofS inclusion

Update         Recycle4Charity        Update


Thank you to all who pop your used ink cartridges and mobile phones Into the recycling box in the foyer. 

Since we started collecting we have raised £92 for the Church. It might not seem a lot but every little helps!

Just to remind you the Charity only give us payment for

They will also not accept cartridges which have been refilled already.

MOBILE PHONE recycling is no longer available!

Thanks to all who used this facility previously

Many thanks for your donations and please keep them coming




We have registered with this recycling charity who will take used Inkjet Cartridges for recycling.

Each Cartridge recycled will raise £1

Only the main printer manufacturers' cartidges will be accepted - eg HP, Dell, Lexmark, Canon etc.

They will not accept 'store' brands - eg Tesco, PC World etc.

They will also not accept cartridges which have been refilled already.

There will now be a box in the Foyer in which you can put the above items. The box goes away when we have reached 25 cartridges.

The collection is FREE and the money is paid directly into the Church Account.


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We are delighted to announce that LENNOXTOWN foodbank centre is OPEN again from Friday 12th March.

The food bank operates out of
Lennoxtown Free Church
and is open every Friday Morning from 11am-1pm.


Foodbank Centre Lennoxtown

Located in Free Church of Scotland

Main Street, Lennoxtown
G66 7DD

Open Friday 11.00am - 1.00pm

Contact East Dunbartonshire Foodbank

East Dunbartonshire Foodbank, 52 Townhead, Kirkintilloch, G66 1NL
email: info@eastdunbartonshire.foodbank.org.uk
Phone: 07425 134131
Charity Number SCO13909, Registered in Scotland

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CofS Inclusion

The Church of Scotland is committed to:

♦ taking all reasonably practicable steps

to deliver the appropriate level of access, physical, intellectual, and spiritual, for all people to the services provoded by the Church

♦ ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements

relating to disability discrimination

♦ ensuring that the measures taken to improve access

for people with disabilities are compatible with the conservation interests of its building

♦ encouraging congregations and Councils

to take appropriate steps to make all members (including office bearers), adherents, staff and volunteers aware of the importance of not discriminating against people with disabilities and to ensure that these representatives of congregations and councils receive appropriate training

♦ promoting accessibility

by ensuring that information on accessibility is available in an appropriate form (for example, that the times of services are accompanied by an appropriate directio9n of access, so that no confusion or difficulty is created for those who have physical and/or learning disabilities)

♦ ensuring that arrangements relating to access

for people with disabilities are regularly reviewed

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Rainbow Thanks

Thank You so much!

Our Café on 8th February 2020 has so far raised £780, which includes over £200 in donations with the Home Baking raising £180
This is a new record amount to be raised at any of our cafés
and  is being donated to:-

Red Cross Logo

Light Lunches, Teas/Coffees and Home Baking

The Rainbow café has been on the go for a large number of years and has donated thousands of pounds to a great many charities over that period.

The Rainbow café opens several times a year and all profits go to a different nominated charity each time.

Each Café event is advertised on this website, facebook, the Church notice boards, and also by notices in some local shops and posters/signs also in the village.

For further information on the Rainbow Café please see Rena Garvie

Previous Café's

Our Café on 26th October 2019 raised £445 which includes £160 from Home Baking and £60 from the sale of Handmade Poppies

which was donated to:-

Poppy Scotland

Our Café on 25th August 2019 raised £520 

The Home Baking raised £95 as part of the total

which was donated to:-

Nerve Tumours

Café on 27th April 2019 raised £370 which was donated to:-

Christian Aid Logo

Our Café on 16th February 2019 raised £370 which was donated to:-

Ronald McDonald House

Our Café on 24th February 2018 raised £360 which was donated to:-

Red Cross Logo

Our Café on 7th October 2017 was very well attended and raised an amazing total of £465 which was donated to:-


Thanks to all
who attended any of our cafés

Thanks to all who helped in any way

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Use Fairtrade Tea and Coffee for all meetings for which we have responsibility

Move forward on using other Fairtrade products (such as sugar, biscuits, chocolate and fruit)

Promote Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight and during the year through events, worship and other activities where possible

For further information on Faitrade please see Christine Boyle

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SafeGuarding Notice

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Guild logo

The Guild is an organisation within
the Church of Scotland

Locally we normally meet fortnightly in the afternoon from October to March

Nationally there is a structure which provides a framework for us

The overall theme within a three year cycle is

Theme - 3 year

During the three year cycle there are six interesting projects for which we raise money

Although open to men, our group consists of ladies who enjoy fellowship and a range of interesting speakers - with the inevitable cup of tea and home baking

Please contact Mrs Margaret Tindall for further information

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Campsie Parish Church


Previous Editions

Newsletter Editions are in Reverse date order

Click Here for Summer Newsletter - 2020

Click Here for Spring Newsletter - 2020

Click Here for Winter Newsletter - 2019

Click Here for Autumn Newsletter - 2019

Click Here for Spring/Summer Newsletter - 2019

Click Here for Lent Newsletter - 2019

Click Here for Winter Newsletter - 2018

Click Here for Autumn Newsletter - 2018

Click Here for Summer Newsletter - 2018

Click Here for Spring Newsletter - 2018

Click Here for Lent Newsletter - 2018

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Local Church Review


Click on any of the links below to view
any of the 'Local Church Review' documents

1. Statistics, Resources and Structures

2. Our Church History and present

3. Planning the Future

Click Here to see the Original Feedback from the Coffee, Cake and Chat Sessions


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Christian Aid Week 2021   -   10th-16th May

How to Make a Donation

Put your donation in an envelope marked 'Christian Aid' along with your name and post it through our Letter Box to the left of the front doors of the Church.


There will be 'Christian Aid' envelopes for cash donations and 'Gift Aid' available at the Church on Sun 9th May from Margaret Tindall.


Click the link below to donate on the Christian Aid website.

► Click here for 'Christian Aid' Donate Page

Christian Aid week 2020


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Scottish-Bible-Society=Logo       Bible-2020-Logo

Bible Reading initiative for 2020 continued into 2021

This is a World-Wide project

Reading a short Bible passage every day of 2020/1

You can download an App for your Phone or Tablet
See LINKS below
If you download this app the Scottish Bible Society will send you a Bible verse everyday which you are encouraged to repeat out loud!
See LINKS below
knowing that you are joining thousands of other Christians in this daily worship.

Bible 2020 website for detailed information, downloads and videos

The Scottish Bible Society main website

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Path of Renewal Logo

We are on the Path of Renewal!

As a congregation we have been accepted onto the Path of Renewal. This is a process not a program and aims to bring ministers and church members together to discuss and reflect on the big picture and explore new approaches to church life. Groups from congregations across the Church come together to share their experiences of discipleship in everyday life and how faith might be shared in places of work and play.

Rev Liz Crumlish, who coordinates Path of Renewal, said:

Path of Renewal does not provide a blueprint for how church should be today but encourages ministers and congregations to work out - together with God - how God is inviting them to be in and with the communities they serve. To do that demands a shift in mind-set – moving from having answers to asking questions. It also involves an element of risk taking, cultivating an environment in which experiments are welcome and one where, if something doesn’t work, that’s OK – we have something to learn from.

Rev Scott Cameron, minister at Stevenston High Kirk in North Ayrshire, who has participated in the Path of Renewal said:

The most remarkable part of my three year journey with Path of Renewal was to find that it was not a journey into a new programme or project, but a journey back into a newness of life with Christ. At the beginning of my journey I felt spiritually dry and drained. Path of Renewal gave me the opportunity to pause and return to Jesus my ‘first love’.

Rev John Murning of Sherwood Greenlaw Parish Church in Paisley, reflected on his church’s journey:

I have noticed that people are smiling more. Some people are praying more, others are caring more, and some are thinking more. People are willing to give things a try, and experience something new. people want to get involved. I have noticed people being kind, and saying thank you for what other church folk have done for them, and people in our community recognise some of the things we are doing as a church to be good and healthy and wholesome. People are being generous with their time, talent and money. People are asking questions, and probing for a deeper understanding about God.
I have noticed growth and optimism in people, and a real willingness to take on board new opportunities as they arise, that expand the Kingdom of God in this place.

Being part of this process means that there will be opportunities for some of you to be more involved and it would be a good time to think and pray if there is something that God is calling you to do, and to be open to responding to that call as new possibilities become available. This is an exciting time for us in Campsie Parish Church and we very much look forward to seeing what God will do in the years to come as we reflect, and experiment, and grow, in faith and in fellowship.

Click here for PDF of the above information

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Lodging House Mission Glasgow

LHM Update

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OPAL Helpline Information

OPAL Helpline

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Telephone Reflections Information

OPAL Helpline

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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus update

► Church of Scotland - Detailed Advice on re-opening of Churches

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Pastoral Letter January 2021

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Lent 2021 Details

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Lodging House Mission (Glasgow)
Donations - Information


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